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Rosie's Corner- Three Non-Negotiables for A.M. Bliss

by Guest Contributor Bridget Riepl

I am a total morning person. In fact, I am so obsessed with the morning that I get sort of salty if someone in my house wakes up and interrupts my sunrise hour of personal power.

Namaste, right?

But seriously, those first moments are crucial for creating the kind of day worth waking up for. If that comes across as insane, I get it. Uber-judgy-lawyer-Bridget (also known as me 10 years ago) probably would have called me insane too. But that’s because she didn’t do these three simple things before checking email, scrolling Instagram or even sipping coffee.

Do nothing. Just be.

Resist the urge to jump into the “to-dos”. Hit the alarm snooze button and invest those eight minutes with pure presence. Stretch. Breathe. Wiggle fingers and toes. Bring both knees close to the chest and wrap yourself in a big bear hug. 

Get grateful.

Next, make a gratitude list of people, places and things. If nothing specific comes to mind, just say thanks for rainbows, puppies and the undisputable fact that we are living, breathing beings with another shot at living up this thing called life.

Make a list of what you get to do (not what you have to do).

This one is probably the most important. Long lists of mundane musts can riddle the mind with anxiety unless and until everything is checked off. So start your morning with what you get to do—yoga classes, coffee dates, long showers, breezy runs, deep talks, happy hours, dinner dates, boat trips, fireworks—all the things that make you feel refreshed, renewed, reinvigorated and reconnected. Make a list of those things before getting out of bed. The notebook for the “have to” list will still be there, if you need it.

We’ve got only one shot at this thing called life, so it makes no sense to spend it in a state of struggle or chaos. Start your day with peace, gratitude and positivity for what’s possible. Then come for a yoga class!

Bridget Riepl, founder of the NJ Yoga Collective and the VibeWell Yoga Festival, loves the entire yoga community with lioness-like ferocity and cannot wait to show the world just what yogis are up to because it is crazy amazing stuff. For more information, visit