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The Amazon Fires

Joe Dunne

I’m elated to announce that the next step forward for our magazine has arrived. We have a new web presence! Although it is now live it will continue to be a work in progress as new features, opportunities and sections are introduced. 

This digital effort will allow us to add current content quickly and easily. For example, we just posted an article and video on “The Amazon Fires” to help draw attention to this global catastrophe and its far-reaching effects on our collective society and planet. Local content, articles and videos are also on our drawing board.  

Over the last 25 years Natural Awakenings has been committed to connecting and educating community through sound editorial on topics that affect the health of people and planet. Now we can be so much more. Through our interactive website, readers and advertisers will have a greater opportunity to become involved. 

We are currently filling a free events calendar with a variety of local activities, things to do, places to visit and just plain interesting stuff. A custom calendar for our advertisers is also being coded and will soon be up and running. This will automate our submission process and carry forward to print the offerings made possible by our advertisers.  

Most important to us is interacting with our readers to learn firsthand what helps you, moves you and inspires you. We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section at the bottom of the pages. Let us know topics you’d like us to include or expand on, modalities that have worked for you, even general impressions. When you share what is meaningful to you, you help us shape the magazine. With comment sections on each page, it’s easier than you think, and more important than you know to let your voice be heard.

Natural Awakenings magazine has always enjoyed a unique relationship with our readers, whose loyalty shows itself through magazines that are picked up each and every month. We are committed to keeping it that way, and your help with this is priceless. 

With much gratitude,


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