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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Blossoming into Light Classes for the New Year

2020 brings a creative energy assisting a person to become even more conscious of their choices.  Blossoming into Light is offering classes for exploring and developing the intuitive gifts and assisting people in discovering and becoming more of their authentic self.  In the process, they learn to trust their intuitive insights, grow spiritually and reconnect to their ability to discern what resonates for them. They provide enlightening discussions, guided meditations and exercises to expand a person’s gifts. Classes are held weekly and run from January through the end of May. Check out their one-day Exploration of the Intuitive Senses on January 5.  

The class grants the opportunity to level up while making positive changes that carry through this new decade. It focuses on building trust and connecting with like-minded individuals who can share and grow together and being able to distinguish energies. 

Discussions include a variety of topics such as energy awareness, psychic senses, chakras, ascension, self-care tools, spirit guides, levels of consciousness, auras, vibration/frequency, channeling, empaths and more. Students are encouraged to explore and discuss what they have discovered through occasional assignments that are geared towards enhancing their experience and learning. The class builds energy as a group, creating a safe place to explore. Each student is encouraged to be authentic and work in integrity.

Location: Blossoming into Light, 31 Fairmount Avenue, Suite 105, Chester. For more information, call or text Sue at 862-222-4268, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 23.

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