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Order Shares of Wild Alaskan Salmon

The spring ordering season for sustainably-harvested, wild Alaskan salmon is underway until May 25 as Kwee-Jack Fish Company prepares for the summer fishing season in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Participate in the community supported fishery (CSF) by ordering 20-pound shares or 10-pound half-shares of sockeye salmon online at  The Florham Park pick-up event is scheduled for September 23.    

“From a small skiff near the mouth of the Kvichak River in June and July, our small crew of set-net fishermen will hand-pick sockeye from the net to be rapidly chilled, professionally fileted and deep-frozen at the peak of freshness,” shares Anna Echo-Hawk Sauder, community supported fishery director. “Each vivid red filet is sushi-grade, with bones removed and skin on one side, and offers amazing flavor and versatility for a variety of quick and nutritious mealtimes.”  

Cost: $159 for 10-lb. half-shares; $299 for 20-lb. shares. CSF locations include Florham Park, NJ and Altoona, Chambersburg and Lancaster, PA. For more information, call 717-842-0180 or email [email protected] See ad, page 12.  

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