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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Optimize Wellness Through Personalized Nutrition

Dr. Peter Amato, board certified in natural medicine and founder of Inner Harmony Wellness Centers, has been testing clients for imbalances and creating personalized wellness plans for individuals for over 25 years. 

Dr. Amato has developed and utilizes a powerful, time-tested 5-step approach that restores alkalinity, targets and eliminates chronic infections, detoxifies the body, balances hormones and implements a solid anti-aging and rejuvenation program for optimum health. This program calls upon nutritional testing, quantum biofeedback, emotional response testing and wellness and lifestyle coaching. Some common conditions addressed are digestive issues, sleep irregularities, bone and joint pain, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and Lyme among other health concerns.

This organic, non-synthetic approach prompts the body’s response and provides answers for precision nutrition that can be tailored to an individual’s needs. The initial visit is 90 minutes.

Locations: Inner Harmony Wellness Centers, 131 Reynolds Rd, Dalton, PA and Thrive Wellness Center 647 Wyoming Ave, Kingston, PA. For information and appointments, call 570-319-6073 or visit

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