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Words To Remember

Jun 03, 2020 12:36PM ● By Joe Dunne

Words to Remember




Be Kind

Help Others

Work on Me

Be Positive

Be Grateful

See the Good

Take Nothing for Granted


Respect Everyone

Be Humble

Watch My Ego


Let Go

Accept Life

Every day is a gift. How I appreciate this gift, what I pay attention to, creates a change in my attitude, my relationships, my parenting, my serenity, my thinking. It designs my life. My list of words is a daily reminder of who I want to become. It helps direct my thinking, my behavior and actions. It helps me remember that I am responsible for me. And, sometimes, that makes all the difference. 

In peace, love and laughter,

Joe Dunne

Originally published in March 2020. Recently we received a note that the reader had saved it, and found it to be even more meaningful throughout the pandemic. To quote: “These words of yours are there every morning for me to look at and enhance everything else.”

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