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Biological Dentistry: Myths vs Facts

Oct 01, 2020 10:23AM ● By Vladimir Gashinsky, DDS

Alternatives to traditional healthcare typically attract a fair amount of skepticism. Exercising caution as you approach new health modalities is normal, however, the validation process for  new therapies into mainstream acceptance is a lengthy one. Baseless myths frequently pop up that, unfortunately, may lead some to miss out on something great. 

To gain a better understanding of the misconceptions about holistic/biological dentistry, let’s address a few the most common myths.

Myth: Biological Dentistry Is Pseudo-Scientific

Biological dentistry is the practice of considering a patient’s overall health rather than just their oral health. Biological dentists understand that the body functions as a system rather than various parts to be treated separately. This is viewed as pseudo-scientific by traditional dentistry, however, biological dentists have known for years about the mouth/heart connection that is only recently being acknowledged by traditional dentistry. 

Another example is the use of toxic fillings by traditional dentistry. This practice is starting to be questioned, and is even banned or restricted by several countries in Europe. Biological dentists always used non-toxic materials for dental procedures. In truth, biological dentistry is leading the way for modifications in the traditional approach.

Myth: Biological Dentistry Is Only Concerned with Using Non-Toxic Materials

Another stereotype is that it is merely dentistry that uses non-toxic materials. Biological dentists commit themselves to their patient’s overall health and well-being. They seek to minimize invasive procedures and work to preserve natural teeth rather than looking for quick fixes. They will avoid procedures that could potentially harm a patient based on their individual health and condition.

Biological dentistry even works to reduce harm when it comes to issues like anxiety about a dental procedure. When patients experience “dentist anxiety”, traditional dentists often use sedation drugs, some of which are mind-altering substances with side effects that can last long after a dental procedure is over. In most cases, an extreme approach to anxiety is unnecessary. Biological dentists understand this and will opt for less invasive techniques like NuCalm technology. NuCalm technology is a drug-free way of reducing anxiety during a dental procedure. The holistic approach is to use ingenuity rather quick fixes that could cause a patient further harm.    

Myth: Biological Dentists Are Very Expensive

The misconception that it is way more expensive than traditional dentistry is simply not true, however, price and value are different measures. With a traditional dentist, the symptom is treated, but if the root cause of that issue isn’t fixed, it may occur over and over again or lead to greater problems. Holistic dentists get to the bottom of the dental ailment by using a deeper analysis of the patient to make a diagnosis. When comparing this to having the same procedure done repetitively, the price difference evaporates.

Myth: All Biological Dentists Are the Same

It takes more than adding “holistic” to your practice to be a true biological dentist. Legitimate practitioners strictly follow protocols outlined by The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Make sure that the holistic dentist you choose is properly accredited.

Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky has been in private practice at his Millburn, New Jersey office for over a decade, where exceptional holistic and biological dentistry and surgical expertise is offered in a friendly, home-like environment. 

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