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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Awakening Wellness Has A New Location!

Over the last 10 years, various locations in Morristown have been home for Awakening Wellness, the hands-on healing practice founded by Hilary Bilkis. Like so many, COVID forced the practice to once again find a new space.

However, things have turned out for the best as the practice has now partnered with Total Wellness of New Jersey in Lake Hapatcong, near the Jefferson Diner, to continue to offer in-person CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Mobilization, and Emotional Release Work.

For those who are uncomfortable with an in-person session, remote healing sessions are offered via phone. Bilkis explains, “I have some amazing tools for reaching through the ethers to be able to connect with you for issues having to do with all aspects of your health. I can also hold a space for you if your stress levels are going through the roof.”

This energy work also allows Bilkis to “have a conversation with parts of your physical body that are complaining and in need of my ‘touch’ and therapeutic skills.” An energetic connection, in some cases, may be even more powerful than an in-person session.

No matter what level of care is needed, we are here to help. Give a call or send an email to set up your appointment.

Location:  28 Bowling Green Pkwy #1A, Lake Hopatcong. For information call 973-479-2229 or email [email protected]

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