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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Healing Music Composer Offers Gift of Free Music

“Music from the Tao” was created by Michael Legge, a healing music composer who shares his unique healing music systems in clinical settings including hospitals and hospices, and in private practices. According to Legge, he fuses “powerful healing elements from Greece, baroque, jazz and Oriental medicine to achieve maximum effect.” This fusion corresponds perfectly with the meridians (energy pathways) of Oriental medicine: The Yin Voice (bass), corresponds to the deep organs while the Yang Voice (melody), corresponds to the hollow organs for a seamless balance throughout the 64 unique music tracks he calls “Transitions”.

As a perfectly balanced system, the “Transitions” are sensitive and responsive to whatever the intention is at the moment, many times shifting energy, stimulating fresh thoughts and feelings for the listener as well as causing energetic vibrations that can impact biological and emotional systems.

Due to Covid 19, Legge is offering the Transitions Portal for free public access, so that many others, either at home or institutionalized, can enjoy the benefits of this unique music modality. 

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