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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Scan for Health with Medical Thermography

My Thermal Image knows that medical thermography is a scientific screening tool for both men and women, those curious about their internal health and wellness, those experiencing any acute or chronic pain, or those just looking to identify possible early detection areas for preventative interventions.

Medical Thermography is an FDA approved adjunctive screening tool for preventive care, possible early cancer detection and early detection for other health concerns. It is an effective, safe, compression-free, contactless and radiation-free adjunctive procedure for screening for breast cancer. 

At My Thermal Image provides complete privacy for patients during thermography scans, and each scan goes through multiple review stages with multiple physicians to ensure top notch report interpretations.

Give yourself the best opportunity for better health and schedule your scan today.

Location: Satellite locations within NJ & PA shown during booking. For more information, call 609-968-7446, email [email protected] or visit¬† See ad, page 15.