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It’s Sockeye Season

The annual preorder season for sustainably harvested, wild Alaskan salmon is underway as Kwee-Jack Fish Company prepares for the annual harvest in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Share sizes of 10 or 20 pounds are available, and will be ready at the October pick-up event. Two-and-a-half-pound shares of hot or cold smoked salmon will also be available.

The vivid red, sushi-grade salmon filets have bones removed and skin on one side, individually vacuum-packaged as whole filets or portioned servings. Frozen at the peak of freshness, wild Alaskan salmon offers amazing flavor and versatility for a variety of quick and nutritious mealtimes.

Cost: Share pricing varies between products and sizes, from $183 to $397 by May 25. Visit and save at checkout with discount code NANJ. CSF pick-up locations include Cuba, NY; Florham Park, NJ; and Altoona, Chambersburg, Mechanicsburg, York and Lancaster, PA. For more information, call 717-842-0180 or email [email protected] See ad, page 23.

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