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Starseed Bakery

Jul 31, 2022 06:44PM ● By Kiki Powers

Bread has long been called the “staff of life,” and with good reason. This universally loved food staple has played a role in the human diet for at least 30,000 years. There was once a time when people grew their own grains and milled them at home to bake the family bread. While it is obviously more convenient now to simply run to the grocery store, the shift from home baking to mass-produced, commercial bread has left a void for many wellness-minded consumers.

Small, local bakeries offering freshly prepared breads and other oven-fresh treats help to fill that space, but few seriously factor in the dietary needs of their customers when crafting their products. Starseed Bakery offers a glowing example of one that is highly responsive to the relevant health concerns of its patrons. In fact, from the start, this was Starseed Bakery’s raison d’ être, or “reason for being.”  

It all began when, in 2013, founder Linda Beg stepped away from business management to follow her passion for healthy, clean foods, initially starting a group to raise awareness about the dangers of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). During this period, Linda’s husband was diagnosed with colitis and placed on a gluten and dairy-free diet. 

This led to an epiphany of sorts for Linda, who realized that she could combine her love of baking and enthusiasm for natural health to innovate safe, deliciously healthy bakery alternatives for her husband and other loved ones. This also sparked Linda’s natural creativity, empowering her efforts to create truly exemplary gluten and dairy-free baked delicacies.  

Beg could scarcely have been prepared for the wave of grateful appreciation she received when she began to produce her unique baked items, which were so scrumptious and moist that word spread quickly among an ever-growing circle of family and friends seeking products to accommodate their intolerances to gluten and/or dairy. Others clamored for her goodies simply because they felt much better when they eliminated common food allergens from their diet, while still others were motivated exclusively by the “yum factor.” She knew she was onto something big when her husband healed his colitis naturally after a mere three months of consuming her gluten and dairy-free goodies. 

The momentum kept building until Linda had to expand her operation to meet the growing demand. She opened Starseed Bakery in Rockaway, New Jersey in 2015, and, combining her business savvy and baking experience, she literally built her brand one loaf at a time. Nor was it easy back then, with the gluten free market in its infancy. There was also quite a learning curve for customers attempting to navigate all the new dietary terms such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, sugar free, low sugar, paleo, keto, and more. 

But Beg persevered, and as demand grew in each category, she creatively innovated products to meet it. Her expansion into cakes and cupcakes was ground-breaking as well, because in addition to dairy/gluten-free options, she also insisted on organic, plant-based colorants for decorating, a rarity in the bakery business! Suddenly, people who had been deprived of birthday cakes for years because of their dietary needs, food allergies, and/or illnesses could finally treat themselves and enjoy their special occasions to the fullest.    

The Starseed mission is two-fold: to bake delicious, affordable bakery products and to do it with clean, safe, healthy ingredients. Because Starseed was recognized as an essential business, Linda remained open throughout the pandemic to continue offering wholesome, safe, allergen-free baked items, which are indeed essential to a growing demographic for optimal health and immune wellness. 

Whether you seek alternatives to mass-produced commercial baked goods due to a medical diagnosis, choose to eliminate many of the common food allergens from your diet, or simply prefer the incomparable quality of nourishing, fresh-baked options that are as healthy as they are blissfully tasty, you have an ally in well-being with Starseed Bakery. So, stop by the stores listed on the Starseed website’s Retailers Page to check out the wide array of delectable offerings, which include the best gluten-free bagels anywhere, an inviting array of breads, rolls, buns, graham crackers, focaccia, pies, and cookies, plus cakes and cupcakes in stock and by custom preorder beautifully decorated and celebration ready.

So, come on down to the Starseed Bakery outlet shop. You can also view the Starseed Bakery’s Products Page for current offerings and seasonal specialties. When it comes to your health and well-being, reach for the stars! 

Location: 100 Hibernia Avenue, Rockaway. For more information, call 973-957-0500 and visit See ad, page 10.

Starseed Bakery - 100 Hibernia Ave, Rockaway, NJ

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