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Getting Organized in the New Year

Jan 03, 2023 03:21PM ● By Sherry Onweller

Getting organized for the new year may be the biggest and best gift to give to oneself. The new year is a great time to kick off efforts to get rid of that nagging feeling of having home organization on the ongoing to do list. Disorganization often represents delayed decision making. The most challenging aspects of the organizing journey are: knowing where to start, finding the courage and motivation to make a plan to get the process started and having the support and willpower to keep things moving forward. Starting out by finding one’s “why” is the key to sustaining organizing efforts. 

Some possible “whys” for getting organized include:

  • To feel peaceful, present, energetic, and mindful in one’s home.
  • To feel proud and comfortable in one’s home when having people over.
  • To have the feeling of control over the home environment that comes with having well-defined places for everything. 
  • To get rid of the constant feeling of low (or high) level stress that comes from having a cluttered space. 

Professional organizers help clients achieve their dream of decluttered spaces and below are some of their tips to make organizing efforts successful. 

  • Define the universe of spaces to be decluttered and create a master list. Be sure this list is in alignment with the people sharing the space. 
  • Break down the tasks on the list into manageable chunks, and define simple and measurable goals for each organizing task. 
  • Consider any competing time commitments and assign open time slots to each task. 
  • When choosing times for setting an organizing schedule, it is wise for people to consider their energy levels and what times of day and week are best for tackling organizing tasks. 
  • Set a designated time for each weekly task and record it in a calendar or electronic schedule. 
  • Be very protective of the time slot, to keep consistency and to create the new habit of designating a fixed weekly time to organizing tasks. 
  • Schedule a “self check-in” every couple of weeks, to be sure tasks are progressing at an acceptable pace, and that the decluttering tasks are moving forward. 
  • Whenever possible, delegate some tasks to others living in the space. And always take time to celebrate successes.

Taking time out of each week to chip away at getting one’s space organized will yield positive feelings about being in one’s home, a feeling of balance, and a more mindful and peaceful existence.

Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry provides sympathetic and nonjudgmental organizing, de-cluttering and time management services to residential and business clients. With a holistic view, she assesses what is and is not working to create customized, individualized plans and solutions to help clients better manage their time, stuff, activities, physical space, work and family. 

For more information, call Sherry at 908-619-4561 or email [email protected] or See ad, page 6.