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Spring Into Shape with Hypnosis

Now that winter’s over it’s time to get back into shape, especially before bathing suit season. Diet and exercise alone can be a real struggle, however, there is remarkable tool that can help anyone achieve weight loss and keep it off — hypnosis. 

Healthy change starts in the mind. Attitudes toward ourselves and food lead to our behaviors and physical health. If we can get beneath the surface and look at the psychological factors involved, we can change our relationship with food forever. Hypnosis teaches how to eat satisfying, healthy meals, get to an ideal weight, and stay there. At the Hypnosis Counseling Center, we assess the client’s past experiences and current patterns to identify the subconscious elements that contribute to unhealthy attitudes and develop a plan tailored to the client’s needs. Each client receives a personalized audio tape that reaffirms the positive messages needed to get healthier each day. 

Joseph, after losing 105 pounds, writes, “I feel confident that I am not going to gain back the weight…I wish I had attended this class years sooner!” 

Hypnosis is safe, medically approved, and works. 

Location: 28 Mine St., Flemington with additional offices in Princeton and Livingston. For more information, call 908-303-7767 and visit

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