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Six-Weeks to Full Body Transformation at Three Danes Wellness

Three Danes uses a whole body balanced approach to health and wellness, so whatever someone needs when they walk through the door, Three Danes can help them achieve that goal. The instructors start by listening to the client to find out exactly what that person is looking to improve in their life. They will then share with the client how they can help and create a plan for achieving their goals. Three Danes will work with anyone with absolutely no restrictions, and have members from 11 to 75 years of age.

Most clients start with a comprehensive 6-Week Full Body Transformation program that includes exercise, nutrition and accountability. The achievements reported by clients have been truly amazing. As owner James Simonelli explains, “Our members start to feel better immediately! Within 3-5 days people notice a change in how they feel, the energy that they have consistently throughout the day and an increase in overall happiness as well. Everyone that comes to Three Danes ends up losing fat, gaining muscle, having more energy throughout the day, getting stronger, more confidence—looking better, feeling better, moving better!” 

Three Danes offers a range of services such as massage, reiki, exercise classes, nutrition coaching, personal training, InBody Scans, stretching, and mobility. Each client receives 24/7 support, guidance, and encouragement to help them achieve their goal.

Start now…nothing gets any better by waiting. Schedule a free in-person consultation by visiting

Location: Three Danes Wellness Corp,  93 Iron Mountain Rd.,  Mine Hill (off Route 46, up the hill by Cinders Restaurant). For information, please contact James Simonelli at 862-244-4032 or [email protected]. Visit See ad, page 8.