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Now is the Time for a Professional Organizer

Aug 31, 2023 08:09PM ● By By K. P. Tarbell

Conquering physical clutter in our home or office is challenging. Everyday functioning takes less time when all is organized and efficient but finding the time to get organized and efficient—and stay that way—can seem like a distant dream. With the school year starting and holidays approaching, now may be the time to turbo charge the organizing process by hiring a professional organizer. These efficiency wizards don’t wave an actual magic wand over our homes, but their ability to transform chaos to a Zen-like flow may seem that way.  Organizers begin by assessing the client’s style. Some prefer everything out so they can see it, while others prefer things to be minimalist and tucked away. There is no right answer. Understanding a client’s comfort zone helps set the groundwork for structuring time and space that the client can feel positive about and in control of.

As parents we do not hesitate to bring in tutors to help our kids with academic subjects or bring in a personal trainer to motivate us to exercise. The struggle for getting and maintaining order can be overwhelming, so hiring a professional to help makes sense. Not only do these professionals help coordinate the details of work and living functionality, they also cheer you on as your partner in helping to implement changes quickly and efficiently while at the same time keeping the process fun and engaging. 

Gifting a professional organizer to a friend or family member is a great way to help from afar. This gift offers thoughtful support for new parents, people going through life transitions, busy stay-at-home or working families, etc. In addition, many organizers now also offer virtual sessions that can help support those going through life transitions—good changes or difficult ones. Major shifts such as getting married, getting divorced, birth of a child, death of a spouse, retirement, a new job, etc., often require changing priorities, processes and practices, as well as changes in how one’s space and time are used. 

Sherry Onweller, of Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry, has helped many clients with non-traditional organizing projects. “Some of my physical organization projects have included places of worship, homes, garages, basements, firehouses, libraries, classrooms, and offices,” shares Onweller. “Some of the more time-management related tasks and projects have included making a business or job flow more efficiently, helping business leaders use their staff more effectively and helping leaders to be better communicators, utilizing resources more effectively, making families function better, helping clients with volunteer projects, help with pivoting careers and life stages, guidance with the college process, help with planning family trips, activities, weddings and events, planning for home improvement projects, help with managing chronic health conditions, help with managing educational testing and plans for kids, helping with Boy Scout and Girl Scout project ideas, help with staying on track with to do tasks and breaking down projects into manageable pieces.” 

Their years of experience enable professional organizers to use the best practices to get clients quickly up the organizing learning curve for making life and space function well.

Some professional organizers also work with clients who have different organizing and learning styles, including clients with ADHD. Shares Onweller, “I like to get into the weeds with my clients and understand how they best process information. I often model examples of the new behaviors to be implemented, whether it is teaching clients to use a calendar system and to chunk out their time, showing them ways to organize things differently or setting up processes for their home and family life, I feel the best way to learn is to practice the new behavior with the client. Many clients ask me in essence to create a manual or set of lists to guide their lives, space and time management. Many clients also want a sounding board to talk through projects and ideas with, who can guide them through the steps and break tasks down. This is one of my favorite things to do and I feel honored being brought in to help with generating ideas and solutions. Some clients call me their personal ‘Project Manager’ for their life.” 

Experienced professional organizers have seen it all so there is no need to feel embarrassed about bringing them in. They are there to do a job, to help the client get home, work and time in order. “The most common question I’m asked is ‘should I clean before you come over?’” Onweller shares. “I always tell my clients I want to see things as they typically are so that I can help implement the needed changes.” Professionals approach every client with sensitivity and confidentiality. They are almost like having a “best friend for hire”, one that is nonjudgmental and there to help provide custom solutions for organizing life.

Most professionals offer a free phone consultation so that each party can determine if the organizer and client are good fits for each other. So, if you feel that bringing in a professional organizer is something that will bring a better sense of control and contentment in your space and time, go ahead and make that call. There is nothing to lose but the clutter.

Sherry Onweller is a professional organizer that provides services in NJ and PA through Everyday Organizing Solutions, LLC.  Call for a free 30 minute initial phone consultation For more information, contact Sherry at 908-619-4561, [email protected]. or visit