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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Ultra-Local Fare from Underground Farms

Underground Farms (UF) provides a connection with consumers to ultra-local livestock farmers that raise animals responsibly and are not a part of the industrial food industry, and deliver traceable meat, poultry and eggs to customers’ homes. 

“As family livestock farmers ourselves, in New Jersey, we found ourselves confronting an industry that lacks disclosure and pushes prices below intrinsic value so that responsible competitors can’t succeed. And, we noticed that plenty of farmers who raised animals the right way – i.e., not cutting corners to streamline p&l and achieve massive scale — were struggling to stay in business,” shares owner Bill Spoor. “Our farmers do not use toxic inputs; they leave ample space for the animals to live and do not rush their growth. Each aspect of UF is run in an environmentally responsible way. We focus on minimizing waste, treating the animals well, and delivering food that is healthy and discernibly different from industrialized food.” 

UF gathers information about how independent farmers source, raise and harvest their animals, and provide it to folks who care about humanely-raised local sources of meat, poultry and eggs. 

Located in Harding, NJ. For product list and ordering, visit