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Relaxing Colon Hydrotherapy at Flush Wellness Center

Jan 31, 2024 02:56PM ● By Jerome Bilaos

As a child in the Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago, Leona Yhap’s parents and grandparents would cleanse her colon with bitter herbs and teas. Although reluctant to take the cleanses, it always made her feel better. Later, she was introduced to colonics in NYC and found this wellness experience life changing.

Knowing the benefits of colon hydrotherapy first hand, Yhap pursued certification from Wood Colonic Hygienic Institute in Kissimmee, Florida, and also became certified as a holistic nutritionist. With over 12 years’ experience as a certified colon hydrotherapist, she is now the founder of Flush Wellness Center in Montclair.

At Flush Wellness Center a spa ambience uses the Woods Gravity Method or Closed System colonic, which is odorless and has absolutely no smell. This is the safest and most gentle form of colon hydrotherapy, and effectively alleviates constipation, gas, bloating, weight loss, skin issues, brain fog, reduces inflammation and other abdominal discomforts. The water at Flush is purified by reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light exposure to filter out 99% of chemicals and kill pathogens.

Cleansing infusions are incorporated into the water which is customized to each individual to assist with detoxification. The gravity system is not a machine; it works with a 5-gallon tank in which the gravity of the water flows gently into the large intestines and your natural peristalsis works for evacuation of the waste and gas. The water flowing into the colon is never forced. A colon therapist is required to be present with the client for the entire session, so the client is never left alone.

Complimentary reflexology and the use of essential oil are helpful for waste evacuation and relaxation during the treatment.

Location: 559 Bloomfield Ave., 2nd FL, Montclair. For information, call 862-438-1689, email [email protected] and visit Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. See ad, page 8.