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It’s All Good With the Right Attitude

Mar 03, 2024 06:13AM ● By Jerome Bilaos

Would you agree with me that life is better when we have the right attitude, when we are grateful, when we see what is good and what is possible? It’s like a bright, sunny day in early spring. The temperature is just right, the air is fresh and the sky is the most perfect blue. When I have the right attitude, I see things differently and hear things through a much more tolerant and clearer filter. For me, it brings an appreciation for living, good friends and family even more than I have every day.

The research is clear that having an attitude of gratitude can improve mental health in addition to physical health. When my attitude is right, I sing more, dance more, play more, and my inner child appears more. I feel more creative and alive, and I’m able to accept life as it comes to me with a better approach to dealing with it. I handle situations, problems and even business challenges differently. I really like the way I act and interact when I’m on a great attitude high, and the rewards I reap in that state feel exceptional.

I truly wish that I could stay in that place though, where every minute of the day is filled with over-the-top excitement aligned with the good things that come with a great attitude. Yes, that would be extremely hard to maintain. But, as we all know, if you want great things, the key is practice, practice, practice. Then, as they say, rinse and repeat.

With peace, love and laughter,

Joe & Asta Dunne, Publishers