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Spotlight on Starseed Bakery: Your Place for Delicious and Healthy Treats

Jul 01, 2024 06:00AM ● By Debra Wallace

Starseed Bakery Owner/Founder Linda Beg has spent the past ten years helping to make holidays, weddings, birthdays, and other family events much sweeter for customers with a variety of allergies, and also those who prefer to eat cleaner and healthier baked goods.

When she first opened the doors of her gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO-free bakery, there were few competitors, both locally and nationally, and although the awareness of allergen-free products and the benefits of GMO-free foods has grown, Starseed Bakery remains in a class of its own. 

The bakery that sells delicious, healthy, and nutritious items also attracts customers who have diabetes, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, vegan diets, allergies, food sensitivities, and those who choose a healthier lifestyle.

With this explosion of specialty diets, reduced sugar requirements, and diabetic-friendly needs, the bakery has expanded the product line to address its customer’s dietary needs, while remaining true to the original mission of safe Certified Gluten-Free products. 

The product list continues to evolve to address customer’s needs and now includes cakes, cookies, fresh-baked breads, bagels, pies, crackers, granola, donuts, pizza crust, muffins, coffee cakes, and more. 

“When it comes to our cakes, they are really important and personal to people. It’s a special occasion and many people have to celebrate without a cake,” explains Linda. “A recent customer literally had tears of joy when she picked up her customized allergen-free confection because she hadn’t had a birthday cake to celebrate with for many years.”

The world of gluten-free has made incredible advancements over the years and Linda has committed herself to keeping ahead of the curve and finding new ways to use healthier alternative grains, healthier oils, organic plant-based decorating dyes, and organic ingredients.

Navigating all of the market fluctuations of availability and ingredient pricing, Linda explains, has been challenging, but the shop keeps true to its commitment to using premium high-quality ingredients. “The end result,” she said, “is a product that tastes great and your body can feel the goodness!”

There are several ways to get products from Starseed Bakery. There is a fully-stocked brick-and-mortar bakery location at 100 Hibernia Avenue in Rockaway, New Jersey, which is always fully stocked with fresh inventory and cakes.  For custom cake orders customers can call the shop at 973-957-0500, or place an order on the Starseed Bakery website.

Linda invites customers to revisit Starseed Bakery’s updated and easier-to-use website which allows them easier navigating, easier checkout, and better shipping rates.  Most products can be shipped to all states (with a 2-day maximum shipping requirement to ensure the freshness of the product upon arrival. 

Starseed Bakery also sells its breads, bagels, and other baked goods on a wholesale level to local natural markets, health food stores, and cafes, and through a food distributor who makes them available up and down the East Coast.

What gets her bounding out of bed in the morning, Linda says, “is the thrill of helping customers navigate their dietary needs each day and knowing I can accommodate them,” she said. 

Fresh-baked gluten-free breads are difficult to find in our world of large supermarket chains, and Starseed Bakery’s line of fresh breads and bagels is second to none. “Our bagels are the best gluten-free bagels anywhere,” Linda exclaims.

There are many customer favorites, but a few that “always fly off the shelves” are the brookies, the paleo brownie truffles, the scrumptious carrot cake, almond cranberry love bites, and the vegan banana chocolate chip streusel muffins. Linda is also proud of the challah loaf which is the shop’s number one selling bread and makes mouth-watering French toast for breakfast, brunch, or any other occasion.

The newest product, the allergen-free pizza crust, is now available in the retail shop. “It is easy to make and just what our customers have been waiting for,” Linda said.  “So, just add your toppings and bake 10 minutes for a delicious gluten-free, vegan pizza!”

Linda says that she started Starseed Bakery because several of her family members were required to go on gluten-free and dairy-free diets, at the same time she was advocating for GMO-free foods. She started a group to raise awareness about the dangers of genetically modified foods.

“I was trying to raise awareness about the issues with food production and realized that I needed to make food that was healthier and that people could trust.  That’s how Starseed began, and with diligence and attention to every detail, it grew each year, along with the gluten-free and allergen-free market.

When it comes to health issues, Starseed Bakery accommodates some products for customers who have a long list of allergies and who are extremely limited in what they can eat and where they can purchase baked goods. “They are thrilled that they can eat something that won’t make them sick and that is both safe and delicious.”

Linda’s favorite items, include the sugar-free vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Linzer cookies, and challah bread. Family favorites are too many to mention, but the bagels are usually at the top of everyone’s list. 

In addition to owning and operating a successful business, she said that she is proud of the impact that she has made on the local community and beyond.

“It feels wonderful because we are doing the job that we set out to do. I wanted to make baked goods that were safe, healthy, and that taste just like traditional bakery treats,” Linda explains.

“It’s a life changer for so many of my customers. I am thanked every day for what I do and I feel good in my heart when I hear that,” she said. “My team works very hard to make sure our products are the best they can be and it is encouraging to hear from our customers that they are receiving what they need to live a healthier and happier life.” 

Starseed Bakery is located at 100 Hibernia Ave., in Rockaway. For information, call 973-957-0500 or email [email protected], and visit See ad, page 15.

Debra Wallace is an award-winning, contributing writer for Natural Awakenings.

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