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Three Reasons Why Drinking Ice Cold Beverages Can Be Bad for Your Health

Dr. Vincent Caruso, Jr












After kicking up a sweat from exercising or working around the house, the popular solution for cooling off is to toss back a frosty, ice cold drink. It’s satisfying, relaxing, and quickly gives you a break from the boost in body heat that you’ve just generated.

        Unfortunately, while chugging icy beverages provides momentary relief, in the long run, it may be quite detrimental to your well-being, according to the 5,000 year old teachings of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as well as Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine).

Here’s why:

1. Ingesting icy cold drinks (and foods) decreases the effectiveness of the digestive system by causing the stomach to constrict, thus decreasing blood flow. The resulting stagnation may negatively affect overall digestion and could result in bloating, constipation, stomach pain, skin issues, and tiredness.

2. The stomach/digestive system supports the immune system. If the digestive system is weakened by consistently ingesting ice cold drinks, the immune system will also weaken and be less able to successfully ward off disease and illness.

3. Drinking cold beverages in hot weather can actually boost your body temperature, which will stimulate sweat glands, increase fatigue, and make one more uncomfortable. According to Everyday Health, which features content that’s peer reviewed by Western medicine doctors, “if cold temperatures—such as ice water or cold food in the diet—enter the stomach, the body works quickly to warm it.”

So instead of reaching for an icy beverage when hot and sweaty, a better choice is to sip (never chug) a drink that’s at room temperature. It will digest easier, it won’t cause intestinal distress, and it will provide a healthier cool down than a frozen or ice-filled beverage can deliver.

        This very easy adjustment to room temperature drinks throughout the year will help maintain a healthy energy and blood flow in the digestive system, help the immune system to operate at maximum efficiency, and help keep body temperature at a steady 98.6°F.

Dr. Vincent Caruso, Jr., D.C. of New Jersey Total Health, located at 124 Little Falls Road, Suite B, in Fairfield, combines chiropractic with traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong meridian therapy, and foods for healing. His work has been featured on Fox 5’s “Good Day New York”, WCBS-AM/Newsradio 880, the Star Ledger, Organic Life, and Huffington Post. For information, visit



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