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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Just the Good Stuff

Joe Dunne

Every month I struggle with what to write about. I want to state my opinions about the oceans being polluted, the effect of plastics on the environment, the water situation in our cities, litter, homelessness, war, peace, socialism, hackers that hack for no reason. 

        But I can’t. We’re not an opinion magazine.  

        I also want to write about parenting, our education system, how hard it is to be in the moment. I want to write about what I have learned through life—about the mistakes, the emotional dysfunction I have lived through, the ability to change and looking in the mirror for the answers. Mostly I want to write about seeing the good, rejecting the negative, building an attitude for life and growing as a human.  

        And I usually do.

        As a health and wellness magazine, our mission is to offer readers important information that can be used to improve health, expand awareness and support the local, community connection. We also know good vibes are not just for fun—positive energy is key to health and happiness, so I’m free to give my opinion on thinking positive, doing good, being honest, and nurturing my soul. And I love that. But I’ve also learned that keeping opinion out of our pages is also a good thing. It keeps me from paying attention to the things that stress my brain. In my seven years as a publisher, a reader has never written to me with conflict about an opinion. And that’s a good thing.  

        So, the bright thing is I love who we are, and I love what we do. No opinion—just good stuff printed here.  

In love, peace and laughter,


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