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Event Spotlight: Year of Metal Rat and Vernal Equinox Workshop

In Chinese Astrology, 2020 is the Year of the Rat and marks a fresh beginning of the 12-year cycle. Coupled with the vernal equinox, this is a double beginning this year, making it the perfect time for a life reset. On March 21, from 1 to 5 p.m., philosophy teacher and 25th generation Taoist spiritual healer, Dr. Mei Jin Lu, will combine teachings respecting the vernal equinox and the Year of the Rat. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Eastern healing modalities and will focus on Chinese techniques for planning important events in the Year of the Metal Rat.  

In this fully-packed workshop, Dr. Lu will cover how the Year of the Metal Rat differs from other years and how it will affect people, society and the environment. Participants will learn the dramatic impact of this year on thinking and behavior patterns. In the workshop, participants will discover the opportune times to manifest goals in 2020 and how important this is in order to set the right pattern for the rest of the cycle. Dr. Lu will also address how to avoid some of the negative patterns that could present themselves.

In the new year, try to avoid idleness and hesitation when it comes to managing finances. This year is all about helping oneself before worrying about others’ business. Ambition and strategy are emphasized in a Metal Rat year. It is a period during which investments in important projects can bear lucrative fruit and will set the right tone for the coming years. It will require patience and steadfast determination to maximize well-deserved success from entrepreneurial endeavors. There could be much movement this year both with respect to job and home. The conflicting aspects of a Metal Rat year means time alone and other times with much social activity. This is due to the solitary nature of the metal element, paired with the gregarious nature of the rat. 

Additionally, the workshop will delve into how the energy of the spring equinox can assist in removing blocks and releasing negative energy in order to progress. On the equinox, the length of day and night is nearly equal in most parts of the world. One can take this opportunity to renew interests and passions that have been hibernating through the cold and dark winter.

The celebration of spring festivals is common to most cultures of the world. The return of spring with longer days and warmer weather was welcomed, as it heralded the beginning of the planting season. During the workshop, all participants will take part in a traditional welcoming of spring ritual.

Ancient cultures were more attached to the sun and moon for agricultural as well as spiritual reasons. A Buddhist tradition, celebrated in Japan on the Spring Equinox, is called Higan. Its name, which means “the other shore,” references spirits who are able to reach nirvana after crossing the river of life and death and thereby represents them moving from the mortal world of suffering to the world of enlightenment or spirit.

Resurrection themes are common in spring rituals. This is exemplified in ancient Egyptian beliefs. Osiris, who was resurrected by Isis, the mother goddess, is credited with teaching humans about agriculture and establishing civilization in the world.

Combining the symbolism of the above traditional observances of the spring equinox, with the Year of the Metal Rat tips and guidance, will energize the year and provide the tools to effectively plan important activities with a high confidence of success.

Mei Jin Lu, PhD, is an author, a Taoist philosophy teacher and a descendant of the ancient Quan Zhen Tao Lineage. She lectures worldwide on various disciplines of Eastern philosophy including aspects of Qigong, mindfulness and the psychology of the human unconscious.

She is the president of the US Health QiGong Association and the US Taoist Association, and owner of “Qi” Wellness Center. 

In Mei Jin’s teaching, she emphasizes wisdom of the ancient sciences and practices that align with western approaches. Her profound knowledge and appreciation of both cultures allow her to present these eastern modalities to a western audience in a way they can understand and apply successfully. These include fundamental theories of Qi, Yin Yang, Five Elements, Feng Shui, Ba Gua, as well as some more advanced topics like I Ching, ancient longevity and TCM wellness methods.

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