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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Spiritual Conversation Circle and Soup Supper

Come share a meal with other seekers and explore how spirituality impacts a person’s life. This Spiritual Conversation Circle, hosted at 7 p.m., every Thursday, is open to the authentic self, everyone has something valuable to bring to the table. There is room at this supper table for more people to share their unique spiritual perspective, their love or disappointment with their faith tradition, their search for something truer than any religious institution can express. 

So many people are looking for spiritual community but religious institutions have let them down. The words of prayer fail to move hearts to action. The messiness of authentic community is covered over by polite distance.  What does an ideal spiritual community look like?  What would happen if the community included people of different religious traditions?

What would happen if an atheist, a nihilist, a born-again Christian, a former Jew/former Episcopalian turned to metaphysics, a spiritual seeker, a “recovering Catholic” and a heretical Presbyterian sat down and got real about their spiritual journeys over supper? What happens is a brave spiritual community.

The Spiritual Conversation Circle and Soup Supper is a place to be fed: body and soul. Meet other spiritual seekers, discover the rich diversity of spiritual practice. Suppers are free, although donations to defer the cost of the meal are welcomed. Please RSVP by Wednesday each week. 

Location: Christ Church, 1600 Washington Valley Road, Martinsville. RSVP: For more information, contact Rev. Susan Joseph Rack at 908-722-2080, email [email protected] or visit

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