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Nature’s Pharmacy: Antivirals

Aug 03, 2020 01:02PM ● By Peter Amato

Our current healthcare system has a pill for everything and believes that one size fits all, yet some clinical studies suggest that 90 percent of prescription drugs work only for 30 to 50 percent of all people. One reason is that pharmaceuticals are designed in isolation and do not consider the entire physiology of the individual. Diagnosis followed by drugs and surgery is not designed to treat today’s chronic conditions. The limitations of this approach are evident.

Optimum health is a uniquely intricate balanced interaction between a person’s genetics and their environment. Mind-body medicine, integrative and functional medicine have greatly expanded our understanding of root causes of one’s problems along with a variety of ways to address symptoms. New techniques for assessing imbalances within the body are allowing practitioners to identify key areas for correction more quickly. In addition, nature provides a bounty of medicinal plants and herbs, some of which have been studied and used for thousands of years. 

During a pandemic, the focus on how to get healthy and stay healthy naturally moves to the forefront. Nutraceuticals are in high demand, especially those with antiviral properties. In addition to helping fight viral infections, antiviral plants and herbs help boost the immune system and may provide additional health benefits, such as cardiovascular, digestive, mood and anti-inflammatory support. Nature’s antivirals do not kill viruses. Their job is to prevent the virus from attaching to cell walls to give the immune system the very best chance to do its job of fighting and protecting the body from infection. 

Here are a few of nature’s most potent antivirals.


Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, supports


A bioactive alkaloid found in Artemis and helps support our immune system. 


An ancient Chinese medicine used to support the immune system; as a tonic for the liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs; and to stimulate overall vitality. 


From a Mediterranean shrub that offers immune support and antioxidant properties. 


A powerful antioxidant with diuretic properties. Aids digestion, enhancing the body’s natural ability to produce beneficial enzymes and acids, calming the stomach and can help boost the body’s immune.


A known antioxidant and immune boosting effects. 


Propolis possesses antioxidant and
immune system supporting properties.


Effective for a variety of issues including respiratory disorders. 


Although primarily marketed as a dietary alternative to sugar because of its intense sweetness also acts as an antioxidant and has immune supporting effects. 

The benefits of nature’s medicinal remedies are time tested; however, side effects and allergic reactions can occur, so working with a practitioner of natural medicine or an experienced herbalist is recommended. Some detoxifying herbs also need supportive minerals, vitamins and binders for best results. Remember, the immune system is always growing, adapting and changing, so a protocol that was effective at one time may change as the body changes. 

Dr. Peter Amato, founder of Inner Harmony Wellness Center, is a board-certified doctor of Natural Medicine, holds a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, an MA in Transpersonal Psychology and a BA in Nutrition. He pioneered of one of the nation’s first integrative wellness centers. His approach to healing interweaves functional medicine, energy medicine, psychology and neurology. 

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