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Stand Taller and Return to Balance

Nov 02, 2020 08:18AM ● By Edward Hemberger

The presence of or increase in physical pain may appear to be sudden, however, the road to physical body constraint begins at birth. The culprit is gravity. 

Dr. Ida Rolf recognized that the earth’s gravity exerts a continuous influence on the balance of the body, locking into place any of the distortions caused by injury, poor posture or post-surgical scarring. Systematically manipulating the pliable connective tissue, known as fascia, held the key to structural re-balancing and from this a more aligned, energized person would emerge. These soft-tissue mobilization techniques realign the body so that it returns to its natural posture.

This means patients get taller.

Pilot studies conducted by Dr. Thomas Findley with patients at the VA hospital in East Orange found height increased by .5” on average after 10 Rolf Structural Integration sessions. Additional pilot studies found even greater increases up to 2”.  The premise is simple:  when all body parts are in perfect alignment and compaction is released, the effect of gravity is minimized on the spine and other parts are less compressed. The patient is then able to stand taller which leads to an overall height increase. Balance between the inner core and the outer sleeve is re-established with an accompanying increase in vitality and vigour.

This is a scientifically validated process of restructuring the body through movement, touch and education. It is a process of treatments (usually but not always a 10-series process) to correct imbalances brought on by years of poor posture, improper use of the body (such as carrying heavy loads on one side), stress, injury, trauma and other factors. As the body moves away from the debilitating effects of muscular imbalances with their associated tension and pain, movement becomes more fluid and effortless, bringing long-term relief to aches, pains and other problems related to the body’s structure. Ease in movement shows up in everyday activities as well as in sports and the performing arts. A number of well-known sports people and dancers credit this approach with enhancing or extending their careers.

Consider Structural Integration Rolf Method to get back to where you belong.

Edward Hemberger, LMT, is a Certified Structural Integration specialist based on the Rolf Method, with additional training with Advanced Rolfer Dr. Thomas Findley. Additional therapies include (ART) Active Release Therapy, Muscle Release Therapy, and Neuromuscular Therapy. He served as a massage therapist in the 2002 and 2004 Olympics, and has worked with the Navigators Pro Cycling team, Rutgers football team, New Jersey Jackals, and started the New Jersey Sports Massage Team, as well as served as a Board Member for the AMTA. 

Location:  Offices in Boonton and Montclair. For more information, contact Ed at 973-462-3112 or [email protected] See ad, page 33.

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