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Correcting The Toll of Sedentary

During the past six months of limitations due to the risk of contracting COVID-19, reports of adult musculoskeletal pain have seen a significant spike. Physically passive behaviors—prolonged sitting, increased time on a computer, general inactivity—have all contributed to lower back stress resulting in pain and discomfort. While lack of movement takes a toll, so does repetitive motion. 

Renowned concert pianist Leon Fleisher spent years following a grueling schedule of practice and performance that developed a debilitating over-use syndrome. This led to the loss of use of his right hand and a frustrating decade of teaching, conducting and performing pieces for the left hand. 

Over the decades, Ed Hemberger, Certified Rolf Structural Integration, has seen Structural Integration move from being an alternative therapy that helped people feel more balanced and grounded, particularly when other approaches had failed, to a recognized methodology that rehabilitates patients with long standing soft-tissue and postural restrictions.

After exploring dozens of diagnostic and therapeutic avenues in an attempt to return to two-handed playing, Fleisher discovered Structural Integration. Ten months later, after receiving many treatments from Advanced Practitioner Tessie Brungart, Fleisher triumphantly returned to Carnegie Hall and has since returned to touring. In early 2009 he released his first CD in 20 years. Brungart was subsequently invited to present her work to the National Institute of Health.

This manipulative therapy restores natural movement and posture, plus helps to correct a myriad of conditions. Hemberger is committed to helping patients become pain free and able to enjoy life in their own body again. Now is a great time to take or re-take control of your own health and fitness. Call today for a free 30-minute consultation and discover if Structural Integration is right for you.

Location:  Offices in Boonton and Montclair. For more information, contact Ed at 973-462-3112 or [email protected] See ad, page 33.

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