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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Sacred Meditations and More at Blossoming into Light

As we approach year’s end, Blossoming into Light offers three unique opportunities for sacred meditation. First, on December 12, a sound meditation will be held that focuses on the 12-12 energies and expanding consciousness. The second sound meditation will be held on the winter solstice, December 21. This year the solstice falls on a powerful date numerologically, and astrologically combines unique energies available to all. These two sound meditations are offered to bring the community together as we find ourselves in this powerful energy to move us forward. 

On December 31, the center will host its 10th Annual New Year’s Eve Meditation.  This well-attended event has space for ten individuals in-person and unlimited for virtual. There will be discussions about the energies and numerology meanings for 2021, an opportunity to set intentions for the new year along with a guided meditation. Each participant receives a specially created essential oil spray plus a crystal selected based on how it may assist the energy of the incoming year.

All December events are available in-person (space limited) and via Zoom. Location:  31 Fairmount Ave., Ste. 105, Chester. For more information, text or call 862-222-4268.  See ad, page 21.


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