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A Whole Body Approach to Physical Therapy

Scott Gander and Zarina Vitebsky met in 2009 as physical therapists working in an outpatient facility. While working together, they discovered a shared passion for treating patients from a whole body perspective. With Vitebsky’s interest in pelvic floor therapy and Gander’s devotion to orthopedic physical therapy, the two realized their specialties could be used to complement each other in finding the absolute root of dysfunction in patients. Treating the patient this way would ultimately result in long lasting relief for even some of the most difficult-to-treat conditions. “We realized that a large number of patients seeking pain management were not previously finding relief because only the affected area was receiving attention. We choose to focus on the cause instead of only the symptoms,” states Vitebsky.

In 2015, they formed ProTouch Physical Therapy in Cranford. It was the first practice of its kind in the area offering such a well-rounded service.  “Our custom-tailored program, which includes hands-on manual therapy, and our family-oriented atmosphere is what keeps our business going,” says Gander.  In addition, ProTouch PT implements a combination of traditional methods along with alternative modalities for even greater results.

Some of the techniques that ProTouch PT uses include manual therapy, Arvigo fertility massage, cupping, cold laser therapy, ultrasound guided treatment, and blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy.  Earlier this year, ProTouch PT also launched its own in-house CBD topical brand, giving patients the option for CBD-applied manual massage during rehabilitation.

Location:  570 S. Avenue, Bldg. G, Ste. C, Cranford. Costs are based on insurance coverage. For more information, call 908-325-6556, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 7.