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Balance Your Life on News 12+

On January 30, The Wellness Gala, a nationwide wellness events company founded in 2008 by Deb Peterson, launched its new television series, Balance Your Life with the Wellness Gala, at 10 a.m., on News 12+. Produced by Long Shot Productions of Fairfield, New Jersey, the program introduces viewers to the benefits of holistic and integrative healing practices that can bring wellness into their everyday lives. Each episode features practitioners who are experts in the fields of health, beauty, and wellness. 

“Our mission has always been to create awareness around holistic health benefits and bring those options to the mainstream population. With the launch of our new television series, Balance Your Life with the Wellness Gala, we are excited to reach a bigger audience with our message,” says founder and CEO of the Wellness Gala and show creator, Deb Peterson.

“We are facing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety in our everyday lives, and it’s important to learn how to achieve optimal physical, emotional, and mental health through these challenging times. Balance Your Life with the Wellness Gala brings much-needed positivity, comfort, and solutions to the airwaves,” says Long Shot Productions CEO and show segment host, Lisa Marie Falbo.

News 12+ is available on Channel 61 on Optimum TV and Channel 530 on Verizon Fios.

For more information, contact Deb Peterson at [email protected], call 973-713-6811, or visit See ad, page 19.