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Hemberger Structural Integration Celebrates 20 Years

As the 20th anniversary of founding Hemberger Structural Integration approaches, Edward Hemberger, LMT, ART, is pleased with how many people have been helped by Structural Integration (SI), including himself. 

Over 20 years ago, Hemberger’s own hip pain had gotten so severe that his family physician referred him to an orthopedist. Their joint recommendation was that he needed hip replacement surgery. 

“Fortunately, I was already working with my mentor and teacher Dr. Tom Findley, MD, PhD, physiatrist and Advanced Rolfer,” shares Hemberger. “After getting Rolfing Structural Integration sessions and doing McKenzie physical therapy, we discovered that the pain was not coming from my hip at all. It was being triggered by deep compression on the nerves running through the lumbar section of my spine and manifesting as hip pain.”

Structural Integration recognizes how elusive the source of pain can be. Using a whole body approach allows a certified SI practitioner to locate sources for pain and discomfort that may remain hidden using other therapies.

Hemberger notes, “It’s sad to say, but if I had had my hip replaced I would have still had the same pain. So my own personal experience confirmed what a godsend Rolfing Structural Integration can be.”

Location: Offices in Boonton and Montclair. For more information, call 973-462-3112 or visit See ad, page 10.

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