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Are You Experiencing “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome” (MFDS)?

Person in suit and tie sitting at table outside tall buildings in urban setting in front of laptop with hand holding his head in pain

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NOW We Can Protect Our Health-Integrity

The damage of "ElectroSmog" radiation is the latest topic in Health & Wellness conversations today. 

Even if we eat well and exercise, EMF radiation is still a constant real threat to our health's integrity. In our industrialized society, one of the most common, yet least understood syndromes is MFDS, or MAGNETIC FIELD DEFICIENCY SYNDROME, leading to a number of symptoms including Fatigue, Insomnia, Dizziness, Headache and overall suffering.

Like a "DreamCatcher" the COCOON detects and converts 82 feet of the detrimental electromagnetic waves into a Bio-Resonance source, using 24-carat Gold and minerals incorporated into cards such as the E-Smog, Sleep Well & Hawaii Harmony cards.

The COCOON was put to the test at Gunter Haffelder Institute for Brain Research with mass spectral EEG measurements that cannot be fooled. The conclusion could not have been clearer! With the Centropix COCOON, the stress caused by E-Smog WAS GONE!!

Do your family a favor and include this revolutionary system into your home for Christmas.

Replicate the Natural 8 Hz Frequency of the Earth with the Centropix COCOON and bring Vitality & Life into Your Home and Office.

COCOON Benefits: Optimal Sleep Quality, Reduced Stress, Better Daily Performance & Teamwork, Unlimited Vitality, Improved Mental Clarity.

Before/after HRV Scanner (heart rate variability). Witness body systems improvement and functionality in one month.

Call for more information on this 'rare and exciting' Ground-Floor Affiliate opportunity. (828) 817-4797.