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Sea Soundscapes Help Regrow Oyster Reefs

Bed of oyster shells

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In new research published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, Australian scientists amplified the natural sounds of the sea via underwater speakers, inducing baby oysters to swim toward desirable locations for regrowing oyster reefs. Thousands more larvae swam to those locations than to control areas to settle on bare rocks. Oyster reef restoration in Australia and globally is viewed as a way to re-establish healthy ecosystems. Shellfish filter and clean large volumes of water as they feed, and shell piles provide habitat for fish.

Many marine animals use sound to communicate over long distances, because it can carry more information than sight or smell underwater. Healthy reefs emit crackles and pops from shrimp and fish as they feed, and that makes oyster larvae aware of a healthy habitat for them to settle on a rock and begin growing their shell.

The researchers recorded sounds from the healthy Port Noarlunga Reef and played them underwater near two large reef restoration sites offshore from Adelaide and the Yorke Peninsula. They attracted up to 17,000 more oysters per square meter to these sites and close to four times more large oysters grew in the test areas over the next five months, further accelerating habitat growth.

5 Top Tips to Finding Your Next Doctor

1 Keep an Open Mind! Healthcare has come a long way. Today, you have access to practitioners that branch outside of traditional medicine and aim to identify the root causes of conditions while using alternative treatments that may help you get the relief you need. Just because it’s not a pill, doesn’t make it pseudoscience.

2 Build Your Health Care Team. There is no one doctor that can be the be-all-end-all for your health needs. Be sure to have a team of practitioners with different “lenses” and areas of expertise who will treat the root cause and not just the symptom(s).

3   Environment Influences Healing. Health is multi-factorial. Your mental and emotional environment plays a pivotal role in your healing potential. Your doctors and their staff should create an office atmosphere filled with positivity so you can get the most out of your care.

4 Your Story Matters.  Before you begin any treatment, be sure to have a comprehensive consultation to discuss your health concerns. Find practitioners who welcome questions and will take the time to listen and treat you with respect.

5 Report of Findings. When it comes to our health, we often make decisions without understanding the risk versus benefits. Knowledge is an important part of the healing process and is essential to make conscious, informed health decisions. Find practitioners who take the time to explain their exam findings and the recommendations for treatment in ways that make sense to you.

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