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VibeWell Yoga Festival Will Rock Your Asana

Sep 30, 2019 06:46AM ● By Kristy Mayer

In 2017, the NJ Yoga Collective was founded by Bridget Riepl, who spent years wishing that an all-inclusive destination existed where teachers, students and studios could connect, get inspired, support each other, discover new styles and unite. She wanted to bring people together from all walks of life for the same central purpose: yoga. The VibeWell Yoga Festival will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., on October 27, in Asbury Park. The festival offers a unique vibration that has consistently inspired creative collaboration, artistic evolution, empowered expression and a non-judgmental lifestyle grounded in universal loving-kindness. 

The VibeWell Yoga Festival is an epic experience and opportunity to spend a full day in an environment that fosters love, compassion and connection with likeminded people who bring their own unique perspective to the practice.

Their classes range from musically inspired jam sessions to deeply emotional releases, with workshops mixed in between, where participants will break down poses, up-level their anatomy game and feel empowered to move with greater attention, awareness and freedom. Turn your 2019 VibeWell Festival experience into a two-day immersion by adding on extra time with healing expert Jillian Pransky and renowned photographer Robert Sturman. Customize the day with a soul nourishing schedule that will engage the muscles, mind and the capacity to make magic. 

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