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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Organic/Natural Skin Care for Men

Mederi Cosmetics is pleased to introduce its new Organic/Natural Men’s Skin Care Line. With a power packed array of essential ingredients, this collection helps men feel good about what they are putting on their skin as they enjoy their daily skin care regime. Many of the ingredients are organic and all are of exceptional quality. 

The product line includes Men’s Cleanser, an all-in-one facial cleanser that soothes and moisturizes, reduces inflammation and boosts skin regeneration. Men’s Aftershave Toner helps tighten pores and prevent blackhead formation and ingrown hairs. Men’s Soothing Shaving Gel protects skin from irritation by softening stubble, and additionally helps reduce scarring and protects from razor burn. The Men’s Mattifying Moisturizer prevents excessive oil and reduces inflammation and dryness. It also aids in healing veins and capillaries. 

Mederi Cosmetics also carries a full line of cosmetics that allow customers to look great and know the products are safe for skin.

For additional information or to order by phone or email, call 570-575-8185 or email [email protected] To purchase products online visit