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2022 Reflection

Nov 28, 2022 05:10PM ● By Nicole Zornitzer

In December of 2021, I shared in my blog that I had created an intention to live the year of 2022 as if my days were numbered, as if tomorrow was not a certainty, as if today was the only day that mattered. I was inspired to evaluate my life, create future goals, and make changes to patterns that were no longer serving. In a yoga practice, we are encouraged to let go, to surrender, to remove obstacles, to live life fully. As my year of intention draws to a close, I can share that doing so can create a life that is rich in happiness. 

When we step aside from our ego and reflect upon our lives with honesty and an ability to become vulnerable, the answers will be transparent. This does not assume that the road will be easy, in fact creating change and embracing the now is not an easy feat.  A commitment to this art of living in the moment takes personal sadhana, courage, dedication, and an unbreakable desire to put the pieces of life together in a shape that our heart strings are subtly guiding us to follow.  

Experiencing life fully each day was challenging at times, catching myself worried or anxious about an unknown future was not in my wheelhouse. I am a planner, a pitta dosha, a type A personality and having “no plan” was scary, yet exciting. For 12 months, I traveled, I absorbed other cultures, I made new friends, I broadened my reach in business, I took risks, and I dedicated my efforts to self-care while listening closely to my spirit guides and the path they were encouraging me to take. It is an old cliché, but I did follow the road less traveled, and it was glorious.

For many years, I perceived my heart as broken and in disrepair. I began to believe that the traumas of life had created a pattern that would be impossible for me to mend. As a healer, a human, and a committed yogi, I acknowledged that the intention I had created would require a shift in mindset for me to live the life I deserve, the life I wanted.  I knew that if I put myself to this test that I, in turn, would be able to encourage my clients to experience the same. In my opinion, when living an authentic yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle, it is important to experience matters firsthand to then help others properly. This concept relates to prana vidya, the expansion of consciousness and awakening of prana (energy), that eventually leads to contentment and union of mind/body/spirit. I realized that my body and mind were disconnected in many ways and I needed to create a fluid flow of my internal energy in tandem with my physical body.

Through my journey, my travels, my practice, my following of the intangible messages I was receiving, I found myself. I have become closer to experiencing ananda (bliss), I have learned to let go and surrender and at times proceed without a clear plan. When we look too far ahead, we will miss the present moment. We will lose ourselves. 

What I can share with you, as this year concludes, is that I am happy. I accomplished my goal; I stayed intention focused and I have never been clearer. I have allowed many new souls to touch my heart. I have shared space with hundreds of beautiful people. I have let go of past beliefs that were holding me back and acknowledged that my future is what I manifest. I have learned to truly love myself and have allowed myself to receive new loves. Most importantly, I have realized the importance of living in the present moment. As I enter 2023, I am optimistic and excited for what is to come. I have no idea where I will be in six months and that is now exciting versus intimidating because I realize that I will never fail. I will simply fall into the arms of love and feel fully embraced.

Nicole Zornitzer, ERYT 1000, yoga therapist, founder of Niyama Yoga & Wellness Shala, located in Randolph, New Jersey; Upper Lake Mohawk in Sparta, New Jersey; Roseland, New Jersey; and Delray Beach in Florida.


5 Top Tips to Finding Your Next Doctor

1 Keep an Open Mind! Healthcare has come a long way. Today, you have access to practitioners that branch outside of traditional medicine and aim to identify the root causes of conditions while using alternative treatments that may help you get the relief you need. Just because it’s not a pill, doesn’t make it pseudoscience.

2 Build Your Health Care Team. There is no one doctor that can be the be-all-end-all for your health needs. Be sure to have a team of practitioners with different “lenses” and areas of expertise who will treat the root cause and not just the symptom(s).

3   Environment Influences Healing. Health is multi-factorial. Your mental and emotional environment plays a pivotal role in your healing potential. Your doctors and their staff should create an office atmosphere filled with positivity so you can get the most out of your care.

4 Your Story Matters.  Before you begin any treatment, be sure to have a comprehensive consultation to discuss your health concerns. Find practitioners who welcome questions and will take the time to listen and treat you with respect.

5 Report of Findings. When it comes to our health, we often make decisions without understanding the risk versus benefits. Knowledge is an important part of the healing process and is essential to make conscious, informed health decisions. Find practitioners who take the time to explain their exam findings and the recommendations for treatment in ways that make sense to you.

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